Top CMS platforms and Magento Crypto Plugin

Top CMS platforms

According to various estimates, there are around 1.5-2 billion websites online today. In some cases, this number is even bigger and we don’t count numerous apps, which also have their audience. People abandon physical stores and eCommerce economy continues to grow fast. There is a number of CMS platforms that automate eCommerce needs, but how do the popular CMS platforms split this market?

According to Pagely, here is the approximate picture for top CMS platforms in 2018:

Magento is leading the eCommerce market with top 1 mln websites(by Alexa) with almost 20% market share, closely followed by WooCommerce. According to SimilarTech data, WooCommerce is the fastest growing CMS platform with almost 18% of market share.

The top six platforms in terms of market share are Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify (~10%), PrestaShop (~7%), OpenCart (~3.5%) and Virtuemart (~3%).

According to this review, the best CMS platforms market share in 2019 is different:

Each solution has it’s pros and cons, so clients can easily find the solution that better suits their needs.


What does BestRate offer?

We don’t ask you to switch from your current CMS platform. BestRate offers an easy solution to start accepting crypto payments. Although some customers think that this a very difficult and costly task, we offer a simple and legit solution to start doing it today by simply integrating this option in your current infrastructure or CMS platform, with WooCoomerce and Magento(scroll down) support, we cover 35-38% of the total market share.

If you’re a blogger, freelancer or simply don’t have CMS integration, please check our Payout functionality. In simple words, you can list our goods or services at BestRate hosted page and simply provide this link for your buyers. 

If you like to get the FIAT payment at the end, you can do this as we are integrated with top crypto exchanges at the market: Binance, Bitfinex, BitFlyer, Coinbase, Gemini, Itbit or Kraken.

You can read more about general terms and conditions in this post “How to Use Your Crypto Exchange as Payment Gateway”.

BestRate doesn’t take any commissions on top, we have a flat subscription rate at $39/month with 30 days free trial.


WooCommerce Crypto Plugin

Almost two months have passed, since our beta release of WooCommerce plugin in the middle of April to facilitate bitcoin and other crypto payments for retail, online clients. Since that time we’ve made good progress: we tested our crypto plugin with numerous clients, here is   WordPress official site stats only:

This means that our plugin was downloaded for testing nearly every day.


If you want to provide your clients with the option to pay in bitcoin, the setup process takes several minutes only.

Sign up and follow these simple steps to start accepting crypto payments today!


Magento Crypto Plugin Beta Testing

We continue to move forward in supporting major CMS platforms and today we announce Magento Crypto Plugin beta testing, providing BestRate users with ~35% of CMS market coverage for crypto payment processing.

If you would like to join our beta testing, please register at and send the email to [email protected].

We’ll send you the plugin for testing.


Magento Crypto Plugin Installation and Configuration Steps

  1. Create folder BestRate/Payment manually in <magento root>/app/code/ directory
  2. Copy the files from repository or composer to the folder <magento root>/app/code/BestRate/Payment
  3. Execute php -f bin/magento module:enable BestRate_Payment --clear-static-content from the magento root folder in the console on the server 
  4. php -f bin/magento setup:upgrade
  5. php -f bin/magento setup:di:compile
  6. php -f bin/magento cache:flush



In the Magento’s Admin Panel: “Stores->Configuration->Sales->Payment Methods

-> Other Payment methods”  Turn on “Crypto Payments via BestRate”

You will need to fill the fields of the public and secret token (which you need to get after registration in the BestRate Account->eCommerce).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Want to start accepting crypto payments today? Sign up!