Waves invests in joint solutions with BestRate

We are happy to announce that Waves Platform provides a custom grant to BestRate.

Waves Platform is the cryptocurrency project aiming to make crowdfunding easier. Waves Platform helps users to issue their token in seconds and raise funds via crowdfunding campaign within the platform. Waves launched first decentralized exchange DEX in history, allowing users to make an exchange without intermediate currency.

Designed for issuing, storing and managing, and issuing digital assets, Waves(WAVES) is an open source decentralized blockchain platform. Building on approaches implemented by NXT to make adding new transaction types possible, Waves approaches this practice via plug-ins that do not require an update to the core software but instead may be installed as extensions on top of it. As a result, clients not running software with these additional plug-ins may still relay custom transaction types without the need to support a mandatory hard fork of the core code.

Waves is developing tools for building the decentralized technology layer that will become the backbone of Web3.0 – our future digital landscape. Web3 will see progressive decentralization of critical online infrastructure, while centralized servers will continue to maintain key services. The result will be the best of both worlds: an online environment that delivers the functionality and user experience we need, while users remain in full control of their personal data and digital identities.

Currently, Waves is on the 24th place, with $283mln valuation, according to CoinMarketCap.

As the mass adoption of Waves is the core strategy of the Waves team, BestRate was chosen as a partner to make it happen. BestRate will integrate Waves in all systems, making it possible for users and projects to get paid in Waves by default.

The key advantages of collaboration are:

  1. The primary target is to make Waves widely accepted by thousands of merchants worldwide through the integration with popular CMS like WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.

2.  Waves projects can accept payments in all crypto & FIAT and distribute tokens. With easy setup of BestRate’s Crypto Gateway. Project’s users can pay for products and services with the card.

3. Users can accept funds in Waves individually or sell their services and products via BestRate’s Payout hosted pages. Please note, that Payout is a free service.

4. Conferences and events can use BestRate’s Event Payout functionality to accept payments in Waves.

This collaboration means a lot to BestRate’s team, since it’s the best appreciation for all the hard work we’ve done during the last 2 years. Integration would be performed during the following several months, plus BestRate will provide special conditions for the users willing to choose Waves as a payment. Stay tuned.

If you would like to be a beta-testers of WooCommerce plugin, please reach us at [email protected]