WooCommerce Crypto Plugin & Popular Bitcoin Payment Gateways For Merchants

WooCommerce Crypto Plugin for E-Commerce

We are happy to announce that WooCommerce plugin for crypto and card payments is ready!

If you are a retail shop or any other business, which wants to accept bitcoin and other crypto coins as a payment for the goods or services, you can easily start doing it with BestRate. Ecommerce usually underestimate the power of bitcoin, however, it’s always a good day to start accepting crypto payments. 


Here are key benefits to start accepting crypto payments with BestRate:

  • No fees from BestRate
  • Free trial period for testing
  • You use your own crypto wallet address in the system, we don’t have access to it
  • We instantly process your payments, no withdrawals
  • If crypto market is too volatile for you, we can exchange crypto to stable coins (TUSD) on the fly


Want to give it a try? Sign up


BestRate setup process 

After signing up, please proceed to Payment Gateway section.

You will be asked to fill in several fields, in our client’s case it would be “Fraktality” and “Fraktality online shop”. Choose the CMS system, which you would like to use or currently using  – like WooCommerce.

Fill your domain, where you would like to receive crypto payments. Please choose the cryptocurrency you want to get as a settlement currency(receiver currency). We’ll convert all 120+ crypto coins and FIAT to this currency and send to your wallet instantly.

Once you have filled the basic information for your eCommerce crypto gateway, click Create. We’ll provide you with your public and secret tokens for your payment gateway. You can download the plugin here.


How to setup WooCommerce plugin to accept bitcoin and 120+ crypto?


First, please login as admin to your WordPress website. Find Plugins section on the left side.

To add BestRate plugin, click “Add New”.

Upload the plugin. If you don’t have the plugin, please contact us at [email protected].

Upload the zip file from your computer:

To activate the Plugin, click “Activate” button.

Now please click Settings in the left menu:

Proceed to Payments section:

Turn on the BestRate plugin and after that click Manage:

Fill your private and secret token that you have got inside the BestRate account and set other settings:

And, finally, choose the checkout message and save changes:

Voila! You are ready to receive crypto and credit card payments!


Future plans

We are happy to announce that customers who choose Waves as a receiving currency, will get special discounts and service from BestRate.

We’ll be adding support for other CMS systems: Shopify, Magento, and others, developing popular bitcoin payment gateways for merchants. If you’re an online retail business and you want to accept crypto payments and credit card payments without commissions, please drop us a line at [email protected]