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You are working with trustworthy exchanges and trading platforms API in one single interface, thus providing you with additional security and support.

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BestRate Testimonials

Mel Garganera
Mel Garganera reviewed BestRate 5
March 7
Fast service & prompt reply.
Omar Stephenson
Omar Stephenson reviewed BestRate 5
January 22
This is an awesome exchange, some of the best rates, lots of different coin pairs on offer, hands down the best support team out there, great communication, what else can you ask for in a crypto climate like this. These are good peeps!
Victor Maga
Victor Maga reviewed BestRate 5
January 16
This is by far the best way to exchange coins. Period. You get the best rate possible from all trustworthy exchanges available, and then the platform uses it to do the exchange without any additional fees. You save money, and your money gets to its destination. Total transparency and, on top of that, support is extra-responsive. Wish I had found it before.
Tarek Salman
Tarek Salman reviewed BestRate 5
January 9
Trusted,reliable,excellent support,don't worry about your money