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Accept crypto payments within minutes

  • Instant setup - go live in minutes
  • Subscription based - no fees, no setup fee
  • Global - forget about international barriers
  • Forget volatility - convert all coins to stable coins (1 token = 1 usd always)
  • No Man-in-the-Middle - instant payments to your own wallet
  • Irreversible - forget about chargebacks

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For SAAS, mobile apps and DAPPs

Tired of different blockchains, hosted nodes, crypto payment processing, complaining users and want to focus on the execution of your blockchain product?

We’ll deal with these issues for you. We’ll collect the payments in 120+ bitcoin, ethereum, EOS, TRON and other cryptocurrency, tokens or FIAT, route it to your smart-contract, holder address or wallet, distribute tokens to final users. Without commission. Credit card to bitcoin payment gateway and best cryptocurrency payment gateway just in few clicks. Check MyWish, BlockchainCuties and Boldman Capital examples.

Accept crypto payments for your business

Tired of getting the crypto payments? Different wallets, confirmation checks, verifying customers? Or maybe you want to accept credit card payments for your crypto business? We can do it for you.

We have eCommerce bitcoin, ethereum or crypto payment system with 120+ coins support designed for you. Use our WooCommerce crypto plugin, widget or API via Crypto Gateway. If you don’t have a website or app, use our Business Payout hosted page up and running in seconds. After sign up, fill your Payout profile, set your logo, describe your products or services, set pricing and fill your own wallet address. Publish your page in seconds and start receiving crypto and fiat to crypto payments right away! Check example

Promote events or meetups

Want to create a nice looking meetup or event page and want your users to pay with cryptocurrency too?

We have all the functionality ready. Describe your event, show speakers, companies, and venue with the few clicks. Accept cryptocurrency or card payments with our bitcoin payment processor. Check example

Accept bitcoin payments for yourself

Are you tired of the thoughts how to accept bitcoin payments effectively? Do you want someone to send you bitcoin or other crypto, but don’t have time to set up multiple wallets and monitor the process?

Get your hosted page up and running in seconds. After sign up, get your free Personal Payout profile, set your avatar and fill your wallet address. And set up your personal URL for your social networks or send it to your friends and family. Get bitcoin payment system for yourself! Check example

Full customization

Are you design-oriented?

All BestRate products come with full design customization. Choose your style, colors and logos. Send us the request if you need white-label.


Tired of hosted full blockchain nodes, blockchain forks of complicated API, which doesn’t work? Or just thinking how to organize bitcoin payment integration?

We would like to show you the easy way of processing crypto payments via API(REST) in Stripe style. If you want to create your wallets, send funds, and store your secret keys on your side without the need to install, monitor and update full nodes for different blockchains, we can give you access to our infrastructure. Create cryptocurrency payment processors by yourself! Just drop us a message.

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