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Truly the best rate

Our algorithms monitor the current rate at the top exchange platforms and conduct the transaction through the best ones.

Fully transparent

You can check the whole path of your funds, miner fees, commission and orders on the exchange platforms in your account.

Enhanced security

We don't store your funds nor have keys to your account. Use your own wallets to swap coins.

Low fees

We charge only 0.7-1.5% per transaction depending on the volume.

Registration is not obligatory

You don’t have to sign up and pass verification to use our service.

Fast transactions

It takes between 5 and 20 minutes to process a transaction. Most orders are processed in just a few minutes.

BestRate Testimonials

Vadim Galeev
Vadim Galeev reviewed BestRate
August 23
I can definitely recommend BestRate service. Coming right in time to fulfil demand for our tokens, we were able to cover set-up costs on the same weekend after integration.
Alina Sattarova
Alina Sattarova reviewed BestRate 5
July 30
Very useful and convenient service to sell our ROBO-tokens. I was really pleased by the help and involvement of the team to our token listing. Everything was made as quickly as possible and with a necessary support.
Vyacheslav  Vasipenok
July 20
A reliable widget, fast transactions a user-friendly interface!
Good support!
Thanks guys!
Vladimir Tikhomirov
Vladimir Tikhomirov reviewed BestRate 5
April 18
Great service & amazing rates! I have changed more than 20 BTC already by BestRate. Thank you, guys!
Mel Garganera
Mel Garganera reviewed BestRate 5
March 7
Fast service & prompt reply.
Omar Stephenson
Omar Stephenson reviewed BestRate 5
January 22
This is an awesome exchange, some of the best rates, lots of different coin pairs on offer, hands down the best support team out there, great communication, what else can you ask for in a crypto climate like this. These are good peeps!
Vladimir Tomko
Vladimir Tomko reviewed BestRate 5
April 28
Really great and neat service! Good for both personal use and as a partner-service for fundraising activities. Helped us a lot at Forty Seven. I totally recommend it.

What you get:
1) Best exchange rate aggregated from various exchanges
2) No fees
3) Transparency and reports
4) Seamless integration
5) Profit
Victor Maga
Victor Maga reviewed BestRate 5
January 16
This is by far the best way to exchange coins. Period. You get the best rate possible from all trustworthy exchanges available, and then the platform uses it to do the exchange without any additional fees. You save money, and your money gets to its destination. Total transparency and, on top of that, support is extra-responsive. Wish I had found it before.
Tarek Salman
Tarek Salman reviewed BestRate 5
January 9
Trusted,reliable,excellent support,don't worry about your money

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Enter the currency and amount you want to exchange, then click Find the best rate.
Enter the address to make a refund and the address where the coins will be sent to.
Send the funds. Check the status of the transaction in the real time on your screen.
Get the correct amount to your wallet, check the status of the transaction in your account or via email.

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